Saturday, October 10, 2009

Porsche or should i say Volkswagen????

So last year at this time last year Porsche was one of the wealthiest independent car producers in the world. They where doing quite well for them selfs. Then they started to get a little cocky and made the call to try to buy out Volkswagen. Volkswagen being one of the biggest car producers around at the time. Porsche saw this as a worthy challenge and began buying up stock in Volkswagen. The amount that Porsche had to aquire was close to 70%. They rose to around 60% and then the stock market crashed and all the funding banks pulled out leaving Porsche almost broke. Volkswagen how ever saw this and....... BOUGHT PORCHE so now now Porsche is a little part of the huge Volkswagen company. I think that this show how fast a gamble that may be an awesome dicision can turn around and well take you out...

What do you think??

Do you Pitty Porsche??


  1. i LOVE those volkswagen hippee car, but they're great.


    i mean honestly, they have a flower vase in the dash, how cooool is that?!?! :D

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  3. soo true..i dont know how ppl r comfortable with such big gambles in life!!! its scary for me...

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  4. cute blog. gamble gamble gamble.

  5. Im more in to the image of the car insted of the brand...dont think i wourld spend my life savings on something like a car that goes down in price once it touched the road!

  6. haha too funny! serve Porsche right

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  7. the porsh is just not a practical car!

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  10. Haha, thats quite funny and ironic. Can't really blame Prosche though because they obviously didn't see the crash coming.

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  11. hahahha nice
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  12. haha thats actually kind of funny!

    Thanks for sharing!

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  15. Oh wow, that kinda sucks of porshe. although they kinda put that upon themselves. i like both cars though. they both have nice cars.

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