Saturday, October 10, 2009

Porsche or should i say Volkswagen????

So last year at this time last year Porsche was one of the wealthiest independent car producers in the world. They where doing quite well for them selfs. Then they started to get a little cocky and made the call to try to buy out Volkswagen. Volkswagen being one of the biggest car producers around at the time. Porsche saw this as a worthy challenge and began buying up stock in Volkswagen. The amount that Porsche had to aquire was close to 70%. They rose to around 60% and then the stock market crashed and all the funding banks pulled out leaving Porsche almost broke. Volkswagen how ever saw this and....... BOUGHT PORCHE so now now Porsche is a little part of the huge Volkswagen company. I think that this show how fast a gamble that may be an awesome dicision can turn around and well take you out...

What do you think??

Do you Pitty Porsche??

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Celebrities have Arrived! - Yeah...So have the Emmys

Today's the day, folks! This September 20th will mark the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards and the stars are out. (Not quite referring to the fact that it's going to be a cloudless and clear night...). Naw, we're talking about the celebrities; they've arrived looking good and out to win some awards! All hosted by the cast of 30 Rock, no less.

After arriving at the Nokia Theatre in good ol' Los Angeles, the stars will get ready to pose, pose, pose. Yup - the paparazzi will definitely be there. But me and stylists everywhere give a good sigh of relief for those pictures; award show outfits and ensembles are where some of the best fashion-inspirations can be found. Score! Have you ever found inspiration from celebrities 'big-night' outfits?

Only 1 more hour until I'll be on the couch absorbing every minute of the Emmy Awards.....excellent.

(Pictures: Top Left - The goregous Award...Bottom Right: One of my fashion-favorites: Drew Barrymore and her mmmazin' dress. Havn't found out about the designer yet - but my money is on Marchesa.....hmmm.)

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Phillip Paul Arnold, a 47-year-old male deemed criminally insane for a homicide that he committed in 1987. He is a patient at the Eastern State Hospital, a mental institution for socially unacceptable people. The EAS took a “field trip” to the Spokane fair on September 17 ware after only a short while Phillip “walked” away from the group. The authorities were called a short 2 hours after the ‘insane killer’ got away from the group, wearing an ordinary pair of blue jeans’ blue shirt and a red windbreaker. A short time after the search began a business owner on Sprague stated the Paul came in and asked for a job application. The patients who leave the EAS campus are usually required to ware some distinctive clothing no word has been released as to why today was an exception. People were still let in and out of the Fair normally all day however some schools nearby were put on lock down during the search! They say that Paul is not an immediate threat to the people of Spokane but may become that way after a day with out medicine. No word on where or what he is doing now!

How does this make you feel that a convicted killer can just walk away from his watchers?

2 Hours until police were called what is with that??

How do you think that this will efeccet the EAS's reputation?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Getting the Blog-ball rollin'...again!

Yep - the email notices have been sent out, (and most have been replied - Big thanks, guys!). As you've probably noticed, we've taken a little break from the Vox Blog...

You know what I mean, hit the *Snooze* button on the blogging.

But the school year is here, and the majority of the Voxxie Staff is officially putting on some safari-clothes and preparing to Blog our way through this Internet-jungle! Cheers, mates!

Will we devise a schedule?  Will we change the layout and freshen up? Will we continue to find some weird-crazy-funny-odd-new stuff to blog about? Stay logged on to find out! (Ohh...sounds like a suspense-film..)

All I can say for now: I'm not sure about the first two options, but definitely for the last one! We'll stay here!

What are some new things we could add to the blog? Do we need a lil' facelift? Any requests, questions, or comments?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One for the ladies...

It's not often that I post something that would have absolutely NO interest to the guys...but this could definitely be one. I'll just have to put that aside for now, 'cause this website must be shared!
Rachel Zoe is a Hollywood stylist, having dressed the biggest and the most famous stars of all ages, including Anne Hathaway, Debra Messing, Joy Bryant...ect. Here's another good reference to Zoe: Remember the first stages of the 'Olsen-fashion' trends? Really big sunglasses? Messy hair? Tons of jewlry? Huge layers of knits, furs, and vintage? Yeah - that was all inspired by Rachel's own look.

So I'm now an official addict: I click up to The Zoe Report just about every day while surfing the web. On her website, Rachel sheds some light on new trends and cool designer pieces in a blog-format, while even listing some similar alternatives with more attainable price-tags. It's basically the easiest way to get some great inspiration!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Top Ten...(Making it last...)

This was truly an 'Aha!' moment! I was simply cruisin' the Internet for some blog fodder when 'BAM!', I see the perfect headline...."10 Ways to Extend Your Summer".  ( has really got my back here...even though I did add a few of my own...)

But we all know that I care even MORE about what you guys have to say! What are you doing to make the feeling of those wonderful, amazing, stress-free and let-loose days of summer last?

1. Look on the Bright Side - Ok, this was originally refering to make-up, but I think it's truly a philosophical question. Think positively! That homework CAN be conquered, and WILL be conquered!

2. Bring the Beach back home - I die over the scent of the beach; the salty water mixed with Coppertone is the best! MSN recommends investing in some 'Beach-Scented' candles or even incense sticks. What's your favorite scent of summer? Popsicles? New notebooks? Both are good to me...

3. Score the perfect Wave - (Again, referring to a girly thing - the perfect wavy hairstyle). But I'd like to think that this could also mean to battle a fear! Do something new! Try something crazy! What change are YOU going to make this school year?

4.  Sip coconut water - Yum...I love new and weird recipes. (Only not as weird as some of the cafeteria food...I'll just get that straight right now...:D) Try Vita Coco 100% pure coconut water. $24 /12 11.2 oz. packages.

5. Extend your tan - Lounging by the pool and getting a great tan are both definitely great memories of summer! (Plus, the sun provides your body with mega Vitamin D!)

6. Find your niche - I now officially love to sew, play the bass, crazy-dance to techno, and eat lime yogurt, ALL by just giving them a spin this summer! Find a new activity that you like and set aside some fall-time to enjoy and de-stress. What's your new niche?

7. Look towards next year - So many new opportunities! So many things to do! Don't get stressed, just think about what you'll accomplish! What are your GOALS for this year?

8. Find some new tunes! - I love making that fall season "Back-to-School Playlist"; full of pump-up tunes to wake me up and get me out the door and onto the bus. Finding the perfect song to listen to down your hallways is just about as great as shiny new pencils. What are your new fall tunes?

9. Have fun! - Yeah, I know that sounds lame...but REALLY! HAVE FUN! The year won't go by any faster by have a great time and enjoy every minute. (Even when you could possibly be eaten by your pile of homework OR by what the cafeteria ladies are stirring in that big mysterious pot...or both.)

10. What's a school-tip that YOU would want to share with everyone! Make #10 your own!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

School week? Naaa...Fashion Week!

September 10 - September 17...break out the flashbulbs and runways.

It's known as the "Superbowl of Style" and it's coming up fast. The buzz for New York Fashion Week is spreading like wild fire, setting the stage for the big debut of designer's 2010 spring collections.

Big names in the fashion industry, such as Lacoste', BCBG, Erin Fetherson, Michael Kors, and even the famous Vera Wang, will take over the runway at NYC's traditional venue, Bryant Park. You know those photographers and fashion-moguls will gather under the tents and around the runways, reporting on every new trend and style soon to hit the streets.

Reports state that the city has promised a larger venue, thus moving the upcoming Februrary-2010 show to Lincoln Center complex, "home to the Metropolitan Opera House and American Ballet Theatre."

I'm definitely counting down the days until Fashion Week-pictures are tossed up on the Web!