Wednesday, August 26, 2009

School week? Naaa...Fashion Week!

September 10 - September 17...break out the flashbulbs and runways.

It's known as the "Superbowl of Style" and it's coming up fast. The buzz for New York Fashion Week is spreading like wild fire, setting the stage for the big debut of designer's 2010 spring collections.

Big names in the fashion industry, such as Lacoste', BCBG, Erin Fetherson, Michael Kors, and even the famous Vera Wang, will take over the runway at NYC's traditional venue, Bryant Park. You know those photographers and fashion-moguls will gather under the tents and around the runways, reporting on every new trend and style soon to hit the streets.

Reports state that the city has promised a larger venue, thus moving the upcoming Februrary-2010 show to Lincoln Center complex, "home to the Metropolitan Opera House and American Ballet Theatre."

I'm definitely counting down the days until Fashion Week-pictures are tossed up on the Web!


  1. I like the way you think, Chloe! I love looking at the kooky/chic outfits that the designers dream up for us! My friend and I play a game called If You HAD To.... where we take five of the outfits and say which one we would wear in real life...lots of fun!

  2. Exactly! The combination of NYC and fashion is absolutely killer. Man...I would GO CRAZY if I could be front row at Fashion Week and see the show...(who am I kidding? I would go crazy if I even got to see the TENT that it's in!)

    I would wear a crazy designer outfit for a day! That would be so much fun...I can see it now: Crazy Designer-Outfit Day! will be celebrated nationally...:) not.

  3. this is kind of a random train of thought...

    but wouldn't it be amazing to be a photographer there? front row seats every time...:) *sigh...