Saturday, September 19, 2009


Phillip Paul Arnold, a 47-year-old male deemed criminally insane for a homicide that he committed in 1987. He is a patient at the Eastern State Hospital, a mental institution for socially unacceptable people. The EAS took a “field trip” to the Spokane fair on September 17 ware after only a short while Phillip “walked” away from the group. The authorities were called a short 2 hours after the ‘insane killer’ got away from the group, wearing an ordinary pair of blue jeans’ blue shirt and a red windbreaker. A short time after the search began a business owner on Sprague stated the Paul came in and asked for a job application. The patients who leave the EAS campus are usually required to ware some distinctive clothing no word has been released as to why today was an exception. People were still let in and out of the Fair normally all day however some schools nearby were put on lock down during the search! They say that Paul is not an immediate threat to the people of Spokane but may become that way after a day with out medicine. No word on where or what he is doing now!

How does this make you feel that a convicted killer can just walk away from his watchers?

2 Hours until police were called what is with that??

How do you think that this will efeccet the EAS's reputation?


  1. holy cow holy cow holy cow.

    i think a lot of reputations are shot in this situation. so many questions have been raised! "why would they be given $50?"..."how was he able to pack up his backpack?"..."did he have a deal with a worker?"...

    it is quite a questionable situation...that's for sure.

  2. Someone needs to face criminal charges here, this is just freaking ridiculous. What I am wondering is why they were letting this schmutz out after he has already demonstrated that he is an escape risk (HLN yesterday: he also escaped in 1991)?

  3. Yeah it is a weird situation and i feel kinda bad for the reputation of the place that he has escaped form twice!!!

  4. Escape once...shame on them.

    Escape twice...I'm not really sure who to put the blame on....

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