Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One for the ladies...

It's not often that I post something that would have absolutely NO interest to the guys...but this could definitely be one. I'll just have to put that aside for now, 'cause this website must be shared!
Rachel Zoe is a Hollywood stylist, having dressed the biggest and the most famous stars of all ages, including Anne Hathaway, Debra Messing, Joy Bryant...ect. Here's another good reference to Zoe: Remember the first stages of the 'Olsen-fashion' trends? Really big sunglasses? Messy hair? Tons of jewlry? Huge layers of knits, furs, and vintage? Yeah - that was all inspired by Rachel's own look.

So I'm now an official addict: I click up to The Zoe Report just about every day while surfing the web. On her website, Rachel sheds some light on new trends and cool designer pieces in a blog-format, while even listing some similar alternatives with more attainable price-tags. It's basically the easiest way to get some great inspiration!

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